Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Are you planning a camping trip with your dog? How exciting. However, it’s not all fun and easy when trying to find the best tents for camping with dogs.

As a first-timer, it can be hard to choose the best tent for camping with dog. There are so many options available, and you want your dog with you when camping.

I hope you take my advice and check out the best tents for camping with dogs. I have included several choices that are highly rated by other dog parents who camp too.

Before looking at the various types of tents for dogs, it’s essential to understand what kind of camping you will be doing to choose one that is best suited. Before considering this issue more deeply, let’s look at some general principles regarding car and backpack camping.

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If you are well-known for these terms, skip to the next section; otherwise, continue reading.


Car Camping

Car camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors – you can bring all sorts of equipment and even camp cooking tools. You get more time in nature than when traditional camping, which means that there’s less chance for stress along with enjoying outdoor activities.


Car camping is a great option for people who want to sleep more comfortably on the ground while still having some of their essential items with them in case they get stranded. You can even choose to top your tent off by pitching it over the roof of your car, but that might not be comfortable if you are tall or have longer legs.


Car camping also provides easy access and storage space for things like food coolers, extra water bottles, s’mores supplies – all sorts of fun outdoor activities without compromising too much comfort.


Backpack Camping


Backpack camping is very similar to conventional camp, but instead of carrying all your gear in a car or RV, you carry it on your back and attach the tent onto that. It’s usually considered more “real” because you take fewer belongings and must rough it out.


When camping with your dog, there’s more to think about. There is a lot of gear and someone else besides yourself that needs looking after.


Which kind of camping should you consider?


It depends on how many days you plan to be outdoors. If it’s just for a day or two, backpacking camping might work, but if you’re going out there with your dog for an extended amount of time, I recommend car camping so that they can enjoy and comfortable outdoor experience as well.




Size Of The Tent (Interior Space)

When you’re shopping for a tent to keep your dog in, there are several things that you need to consider. The first thing is how many people will use the tent and whether or not it’s big enough for all of them. Another factor is size, make sure that if multiple humans intend on using the same space as their dogs, they choose an appropriate one.


To make camping easier, choose a tent that can easily fit everyone. Some items to consider are your sleeping pad or cot, some clothes and shoes for inside the tent if needed, food supplies you might want close by in case of emergencies, including medical kits, in case someone gets hurt while exploring around- these need extra space as well.


Suppose there’s any cooking equipment like pans. In that case, it may have its own designated spot, too, so consider all this when choosing how big of a tent is suitable for your group size.



When choosing a tent for dogs, it is crucial to consider the season. The weather conditions you plan on camping in should be considered when purchasing your pup’s new home away from home.


When camping in an area that has a high chance of rain and wind, be sure to invest in a tent made for this challenging environment. If you don’t want to change out your tents every season, consider buying one explicitly designed for all types of weather. The dog tent works well during different seasons.


Ease Of Access (In & Out)

One of the typical camping mistakes you’ll always make is to get a dog camping tent with just one door. It will not be easy for him to come in and out of the tent without getting all wet.


When shopping for a dog tent, it’s essential to choose one with two doors rather than just 1. This will make accessing the inside of your pup’s house much easier and less disruptive because you won’t be moving things around every time they need in or out.



When camping with your dog, you want a tent that offers more storage space for all gear. The ideal type will have larger vestibule areas and inside pockets to store leashes and food bowls.



Dogs need fresh air circulation when they are in a tent. If you don’t have it, your dog’s sleeping area will get stuffy and smelly quickly, which is unpleasant for both of you.



If you only plan on camping once and throwing away your tent, then the chances are that this won’t concern you.

Suppose you plan to take your dog camping with you multiple times. In that case, I recommend getting a tent specifically for them to last throughout each visit.

Suppose you want to save money and have a more enjoyable camping experience. In that case, it is best to buy one high-quality tent that can withstand the elements rather than spending less on shoddy tents every time you go out.


Number Of Tent Cords

When planning your next camping trip, remember to bring a dog-friendly tent! Dog tents are an excellent choice because they have fewer cords than traditional ones. This protects both you and your dog from the dangers of tripping over them at night when it’s dark outside.


When buying a tent for camping with a dog, look out for the following: Layout- is it big enough to fit both you and Fido? Water-resistance – will this work well in case of rain while at the campsite? Windows – can Fido get fresh air, or does he have to stay cooped up inside all day long? Weight – how heavy could be brought along on hikes.


Now that you have enough knowledge of what to look for in dog tents, let’s review the best tent for camping with dog.

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome camping Tent with dog

This budget tent is excellent for those who want to test camping waters without investing too much. The Coleman Sundome Tent has various sizes, all with patented WeatherTec technology designed to withstand winds and weather. It also features large windows and ground vents that provide additional ventilation.

This tent is perfect for dogs who enjoy camping. It has mesh storage pockets that will make it easy to keep your dog’s essentials, like special treats and a leash, available at all times while keeping them safe from the elements. Plus, with its large windows, they’ll still feel outdoors but won’t get wet if there are showers or too much wind. According to our research this is the best tent for camping with dog

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2. Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Tent

Best for: Car-top tenting

The Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Tent is great for people who want to spend as little time as possible setting up their tent. It has a telescoping ladder that makes access easy and safe for your dogs, with high-density foam pads inside the tent to help keep you comfortable at night. This substantial outdoor shelter also features netted windows for ventilation and anchor straps in inclement weather conditions.

This camper tent for camping with dogs is perfect if your dog likes to camp, but you don’t want them sleeping on the hard ground. It comes with a mattress that provides comfort and protection from rain or windy conditions.

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3. PetEgo U Pet Portable Pet Tent

Best for: Dogs who are always on-the-go

Not only is this PetEgo tent great for protecting your pup from the weather, but it’s also a convenient way to give them some downtime while you dine or take in nature. Two stakes and three poles are all needed, which pop up quickly with no assembly required.

This is a perfect tent for camping with dog that enjoys the outdoors. It has claw-proof mesh windows and comes in small, medium, or extensive options to accommodate different size dogs.

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4. Big Agnes Dog House Tent

Best for: The small family

The Big Agnes Dog House Tent is an excellent choice for a camping trip that includes more than just you and your dog. The tent has been waterproofed to protect from wet weather. It has a sizeable back window that can be opened from inside to provide ventilation or access to the view outside.

We love the Dogloo for dogs because it allows them their own space without taking up too much room. The two vents also help keep an entire house comfortable and reduce condensation in case you have to leave your dog at home alone during those hot summer days.

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5. MSR Access 2

MSR tent for camping with dog

Best for: Winter camping

The MSR Access 2 tent is a compact and lightweight option for hikers in snowy conditions. The limited mesh on the body helps to keep heat inside. In contrast, composite materials help you stay safe during winter camping trips.

Because of the sturdy poles and durable fabrics, this tent will help keep you both warm in cold weather. It will also be able to withstand your dog’s happy paws. This is a perfect tent for camping with dog if you like it.

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6. Sierra Designs Convert 2

Best for: All-season camping

The Sierra Designs Convert 2 is a tent that will keep you warm and dry during any season, even if it’s meant for the warmer months. It has breathable fabric to help fight off snow in colder climates, as well as dust-prevention technology. Hence, no dirt enters the inside of your home away from home.


 Also included are removable vestibules, which can provide extra warmth on chilly days or nights! The nylon material makes this product lightweight enough to carry along with other camping gear without putting too much stress on our backs because we want comfort when out there enjoying nature – not discomfort at all times.


We especially love the Nature’s Hangout for our pets because of its extra vestibule space, which is great for keeping bugs away while camping.


This lightweight tent for camping with dog is perfect choice.

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7. Coleman Steel Creek Fast-Pitch Dome Tent

best tents for camping with Dogs

Best for: Fast-pitch options

This Coleman tent is great for camping with your dog. It has a large, roomy screened-in area perfect for seating and sleeping space while you stay dry, thanks to the WeatherTec system.


The dome design only takes 7 minutes to set up, so you can quickly get ready in time before it starts raining or snowing.


With a separate screened-in area, dogs can enjoy sleeping under the stars while protecting themselves from outdoor elements.

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8. Featherstone Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Tent

Best for: Lightweight options

Suppose you’re looking to get out into nature with your pet. In that case, the two-person Feather stone lightweight outdoor backpacking tent provides a barrier against rain and fresh air. This 5 lb trail weight is one of the better products on the market that still offers protection from elements while providing enough space for both humans AND pets.


If you and your dog love camping, then we recommend the Feather stone lightweight outdoor backpacking tent. The tent is designed with a floor that elevates it off of mud, and comes in just enough space for two people to bring their stuff inside without feeling cramped or crowded.

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If you have a dog and want to go camping, this post will help by rounding up the best tents for camping with dogs. It’ll also give some insight into what tent features are ideal if you plan to take your pet along.

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