When you are traveling, finding the best backpacks that open like a suitcase is so important. 


Whether it’s for your day-to-day life or your next big adventure, choosing the right backpack is essential for keeping everything safe and secure in one place.

With all these options available, it can be difficult to find the best backpacks that open like a suitcase.


That’s why we’re sharing our research with you in order to make your decision easier.


Before we start with our top 10 best backpacks that open like a suitcase list, here are the criteria we considered:



  • Quality & Price
  • Front-loading design
  • Weight Capacity – Durability



1. Cotopaxi Nazca 24L Backpack & Suitcase

cotopaxi backpack open like suitcase

The Cotopaxi Nazca 24L Backpack is a backpack that doubles as your luggage. It offers all the comforts and features of a backpack with large storage compartments, padded laptop sleeve, away straps for carrying versatility.


Removable sling strap to carry items like jackets or blankets on top of the pack but also has zipped pockets near its front so you can keep things organized inside it when traveling.


The cotopaxi nazca 24l backpacks provides convenience in both use and organization during travel time.


The padding around your laptop allows you to have easy access while travelling without worrying about damaging anything precious before arrival at destination.


There are no worries needing additional baggage because this product serves dual purposes by being able to hold.


This backpack is perfect for the adventurous traveler! With a 61-year guarantee, you know that this durable and stylish pack will last through any adventure. This pack fits in carry on restrictions with all airlines so it’s an awesome choice when traveling abroad or domestically.

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To all who need to travel light, the eBags TLS Motherlode Weekender Convertible backpack that open like a briefcase is a perfect choice.


With its wide variety of pockets for your items and an option to convert it from a suitcase into one that opens like a backpack when you’re at home or in transit with this handy luggage converter.


There are no more worries about what will fit inside! Even if you’ve got lots of electronics on hand as well as other personal belongings such as books and magazines.


you’ll find just enough space here thanks to the spacious large compartment which also has organizers so everything can stay organized while traveling.


The front loading compartment means easy access anytime without having to unpack first too–and we haven’t even mentioned all those little compartments .


The carrying capability of the bag is a large 54-liters, which makes it an appropriate size for lengthy stays.


Side compression straps allow you to alter the length of your trip and still be able to keep all that extra space in this backpack when not needed on short trips! If 54 liters are too big, eBags has a smaller 41 liter version called eBags TLS Load Junior

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The Nomatic Travel Pack is a bag with pockets that fit every need. I’ve never been more organized as when my backpack has this amazing pocket for everything.



It’s especially helpful if you carry lots of tech and want to store your chargers, cables, headphones…and anything else small in its own location.


There are full mesh panels, magnetic water bottle holders (perfect on hikes), RFID safe pockets (so no one can steal from me), hidden passport or cash compartments- whatever size convenience you might be looking for it’ll have the perfect spot inside this pack.


When it comes to backpacks that open like a suitcase, the Nomatic Travel backpack might be just what you need in order to take your commute and travel gear with ease.


The bag starts off at 20 liters for everyday use but expands out up 30 when its time for another trip.

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backpack open like suitcase, bag open like suitcase

Shieldon is the backpack that will let you get away from all of your worries. Not only does it have a separate laptop and tablet sleeve, but there are pockets for tech accessories like cables and chargers too.


It also includes plastic zip pocket for liquids (shampoo, body wash) plus plenty external zippered pockets to keep things organized on the go.


The best part? This budget-friendly bag has lockable zippers with built in TSA latches so you can take this anywhere without fearing security checks or loss of personal items during transferral flights at airports worldwide making travel faster than ever before.


This suitcase style backpack by Shieldon combines “tech meets travel” thanks to its dedicated computer sleeves which provides ample space for laptops as.

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backpack open like a suitcase, best bag open like a suitcase, bag open like a suitcase

With a 45-liter capacity, Pacsafe’s Venturesafe EXP45 is designed to replace your carry on rolling luggage altogether.


The huge main compartment can hold clothes and gear with plenty of anti theft protection that the brand is known for; including slash proof shoulder straps, hidden zippers under lockable sliders so thieves cannot get their hands in there easily from any angle.


There are also many pockets within this pack which include a separate organizer area perfect for smaller items like jewelry or passports and an easy access laptop pocket – keeping all your packed essentials organized while traveling securely without worries about pickpockets.


PacSafe offers travelers something they’ve been asking for: A full size backpack with enough room to fit everything you need into one bag (with extras).



The PacSafe Venturesafe EXP45 is a sleek, strong backpack that can withstand thieves. The lockable zippers and clever top latch protect your belongings from being stolen while the slash-resistant fabric ensures it will last so you have plenty of room for all those souvenirs.


The Pacsafe Venture Safe Exp 45 protects against theft with its anti-theft features like locks on the zip closures as well as an ingenious hidden zipper pull at the top to keep you safe from nosy hands.


It’s also made out of durable fabric which makes this bag perfect for any traveler – even if they’re just going across town or overseas to visit family.

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The Amazon Basics backpack is a sturdy bag with plenty of pockets and compartments for all your traveling needs. Its design aids travelers in quickly changing from rolling luggage to an on-the-go carryall that can help you explore new places no matter when or where.


Amazon takes part in the journey back pack market by introducing their own model, which has been described as one of the most affordable models who competes successfully against more expensive competitors after opening like suitcase due to its huge main compartment, variety of organize pockets and well placed travel features

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The Solo Grand Travel TSA backpack is more than a versatile travel companion.

It’s also perfect for use on the go, at work or school because of its smart design and incredible features like an ultra-safe 17.3″ laptop compartment that will save you from having to remove your device during security checks.


The front pockets are designed so well, they’ll even make packing easier as it organizes all your small items into one convenient place – no matter if you’re traveling across town or around the world.


The Solo Grand Travel TSA backpack is fully convertible and can be used  and open like a suitcase, office bag or gym back pack. The 30-liter main compartment ensures that you have room for clothes on your trip, but also has plenty of pockets to carry all the items necessary for daily use in urban areas.


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best backpack open like a suitcase

The Transit backpack from Bellroy is one of our favorite travel backpacks for city commuters and business travelers alike. It features many small details that make the bag an exceptional carry experience, like leather zipper pulls, weather-resistant fabric and straps on the inside to keep items organized.



Bellroy’s attention to detail in their products makes us love them more than ever before.


The Transit backpack has tons of thoughtful little touches such as water resistant woven fabric with no dangly straps so it won’t get caught up while you’re walking into your building or commuting through a busy airport terminal – which we all know can be difficult enough without carrying around another thing.


Leather zipper pulls are also included along with organizational pockets on both sides including two side compartments.


After years of being frustrated with the size and functionality of my backpacks, I finally found one that meets all my needs.


The Bellroy Transit is small enough for a day trip to work but big enough to hold everything you need when going on an overnight vacation or commute.


You can even pack a change of clothes without feeling like your belongings are spilling out everywhere!


For anyone looking for something smaller than their standard backpack, we recommend checking out the Bellroy transit series because they have 28 liter capacity which will come in handy if you’re looking to take it as carry-on luggage during any trips this year (or just want more space).

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9. Fjallraven – Splitpack Backpack

best bag open like a suitcase

Tired of being uncomfortable and sore from backpacks? Check out the Fjallraven Splitpack Backpack that open like suitcase, which was designed to be comfortable with padded shoulder straps.


 It also comes with a cushioned back panel that stops your contents from digging into your spine! Made using durable G-1000 heavy duty polyester and organic cotton materials, this backpack is guaranteed to last for years while providing you high quality goods in an eco-friendly way.


The robust zipper opens up the pack so it can split apart like luggage does – perfect for separating dirty clothes or damp ones from clean items.


The large handles on all sides of the bag make it really easy to carry and find your items. It also has three inside zippered mesh pockets for small items, two external pockets with zippers which are perfect for storing larger things like keys or a water bottle so they do not get lost in the bottom of the purse.

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10. High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

best backpack open like suitcase

The High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack is the perfect travel bag for anyone looking to get around with ease.


This back pack features a large main compartment that opens like a suitcase and can be used as both carry on or checked luggage when taking an airplane, it also has foldable backpack straps which are stored behind zippered panels in case you want to use it without being wheels for extended periods of time.


The high quality material will ensure this product lasts through any kind of travels.


“I love this travel bag because it can be used as an all-in-one carry or wheeled backpack that open like suitcase, and you can detach the back pack if needed. Click on my Amazon link to check out more pictures of it.”

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