When you decide to travel, it is important to pack light. The best personal item backpacks are ones that will help you stay organized and save space in your luggage.


The first point you should consider is what kind of trip or adventure you have planned?


Do you plan to take this pack with only carry-on luggage, or need a bigger size? Once you answered these questions, it’s time to start looking at features such as weight capacity, water resistance, pockets, and organization.


 Finally, make sure that the backpack has enough storage space for all of your gear.




The BEST PERSONAL ITEM BACKPACK needs to be durable, comfortable, and roomy enough for all your belongings.


It can’t matter where you go or what kind of the BEST PERSONAL ITEM BACKPACK you choose, it should have multiple pockets and compartments that organize the items inside so that they are easily accessible. 


The BEST PERSONAL ITEM BACKPACK should also be made from a high-quality fabric with water resistance abilities, as well as some form of padding to make sure your back is protected throughout any activity.


 Additional features such as straps to hold hiking poles or gloves may be of interest for those who partake in extended outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding. 


The BEST PERSONAL ITEM BACKPACK must meet all airline personal item requirements.



Carry-on Dimensions

Carry-on Weight

Personal Item Dimensions

American Airlines

22 x 14 x 9


18 x 14 x 8


22 x 14 x 9


must fit under seat


10 x 16 x 24


18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5

United Airlines

9 x 14 x 22


9 x 10 x 17

JetBlue Airways

22 x 14 x 9


17 x 13 x 8

Spirit Airlines

10 x 18 x 22


18 x 14 x 8

Sun Country Airlines

24 x 16 x 11

35 pounds

17 x 13 x 9

Hawaiian Airlines

45 linear inches or 22 x 14 x 9

25 pounds

must fit under seat

Frontier Airlines

10 x 16 x 24

35 pounds

8 x 18 x 14

Allegiant Air (fee for carry-on)

9 x 14 x 22


7 x 15 x 16

Alaska Airlines

22 x 14 x 9


must fit under seat


Top 5 best personal Item backpack Review.

Table of Contents

The Kenneth Cole personal item Laptop Bag fits under airplane seats and offers storage for essentials such as a laptop, tablet, cell phone, keys/wallet. It is best suited to be worn over the shoulder but has padded straps that can distribute weight across your shoulders when required. 

Storage capacity: 

 The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea 15″ Laptop Bag has a lot of storage capacity. 

There is a designated place to store your laptop–up to a 15-inch screen size–as well as a separate pocket for your tablet. 

 Additionally, the front exterior of the bag features an organizer for all of your business essentials, such as your keys, wallet, and cell phone.


 This bag provides organization for all of your business essentials, including a place to store keys, wallet, small electronics like a tablet or cell phone, as well as pens/pencils. The best thing about this personal item bag is that everything is held in separate compartments to find it easier.


 The best part about the Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea 15″ Laptop Bag is its fashionable, stylish design. Its trolley strap features allows you to join the bag to the handle of most luggage.


  This best laptop bag is best suited for school, work, and Travel. It has a designated place to store your laptop and a separate pocket for your tablet. The best part about this best laptop bag is that it also has a convenient, easy-to-carry handle on the top of the best laptop bag.



  • The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea 15″ Laptop Bag is stylish.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • The best laptop bagcomes with a lot of storage capacity.
  • Versatile and can be used for various purposes.
  • The best laptop bag is comfortable to wear.



  • Too large to fit 
  • It may not be easy to open and close when it is full of items.


The BRANCH Laptop Backpack is a great backpack for everyday use or travel. The backpack is made of durable nylon material and is water-repellent.

The backpack has a USB charging port to charge your devices on the go easily. The backpack is adjustable and has a padded shoulder strap for comfort.

The backpack has a large main zipper pocket, a tablet pocket, and extra space for other belongings. The backpack also has dual side pockets and a luggage belt to easily attach the backpack to your luggage.

 Storage capacity:

The backpack has a storage capacity of 22L. The backpack can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches, tablets up to 10.5 inches, and other belongings.


The backpack is adjustable and has a wide padded shoulder strap for comfort. The anti-theft pocket is also designed to protect your belongings from theft. The backpack also has a top handle drop of 3 inches to carry it like a bag or use the luggage belt to attach it to your luggage/suitcase.


The backpack’s material is durable and is water-repellent. The backpack also has a USB charging port for convenient charging.


The backpack has a large main zipper pocket, a tablet pocket, and extra space for belongings. The backpack also has dual side pockets and a luggage belt to attach the backpack to your luggage/suitcase. This personal bag is perfect for everyday use or Travel.



  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Large storage capacity
  • Dual side pockets
  • Luggage Belt attachment for luggage/suitcase



  • Lacks external water bottle holder.


The laptop backpack for women fashion travel bags business computer purse work bag with USB port is the best backpack in 2017 for the money. You can fit several things in it, and the design is stylish and practical.

It comes with some extra features that make it different from other backpacks on the market, such as the USB port and special safe phone pocket. The back airflow design also helps to keep you cool and comfortable when carrying it for long periods.

Storage capacity:

 Best for everyday use and highly functional backpack for work, school, and Travel


 Best breathable and comfortable padded shoulder straps and back panel. Comfortable to wear all day long. You can easily adjust the length of the shoulder straps from 19″-30″ so you can get a good fit.


Features an anti-theft pocket on the back to keep your belongings safe and secure.


 Made of high-quality and water-resistant nylon material



  • Best backpack for the money.
  • Best storage capacity.
  • Has a USB port.
  • Best breathable and comfortable padded shoulder straps.
  • Best laptop bag for women and men.
  • Waterproof backpack.
  • low cost.



  • Does not have a lot of compartments on the outside.
  • Not very stylish looking.
  • Might not be suitable for all occasions.

This best travel backpack is lightweight and easy to carry with adjustable shoulder straps, contours on the back panel, and great ventilation.

The interior of this best personal item backpack is spacious. It has a high-density foam laptop sleeve that accommodates up to 18.4-inch laptops, water-resistant coatings which protect your items from getting wet, and multiple pockets to keep your items organized.

This best personal backpack has a USB charging port that helps you charge your electronic devices on the go, an RFID-protected sleeve to block thieves from accessing your credit card information, and multiple pockets for various purposes. 

You can carry this best personal item backpack with its adjustable shoulder straps.

 Storage capacity:

 This best personal item backpack has a 32L volume, which is enough room to carry your items for a couple of days. The best backpack laptop compartment will fit up to 17-inch laptops and fit the iPad. Several pockets allow you to keep your things well organized


 This best travel backpack’s shoulder straps are adjustable and wide with breathable mesh, making it more relaxed to wear, especially on those warm summer days.

The back panel is also contoured and padded for extra comfort and the best backpack comes with a waist belt and sternum strap that ensures that the bag does not move around when you are wearing it.


The best backpack is made from high-quality water-resistant and tear-resistant nylon, making this best personal item backpack very durable and long-lasting Customer Feedback fabric that will protect your belongings from the elements. The zippers are also durable and sturdy, so you know your items are safe when the best backpack is closed.

Security features: 

This best travel backpack has an anti-theft design with a hidden zipper pocket on the back panel that is great for storing your passport, money, and other valuables. The backpack is also water-resistant and comes with a rain cover for inclement weather.

This best travel backpack is perfect for those looking for a lightweight and comfortable backpack that will keep their items organized.



  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and contoured back panel for extra comfort
  • Water-resistant



  • No outside pockets 
  • Only one color choice


Targus Air Traveler Laptop Backpack is very professional and meets all my needs. I like the feature that it has a TSA security checkpoint-friendly design. The material is also very durable, and it protects my laptop from any shocks. 

Another thing I like about this backpack because it comes with a lot of pockets that help me organize my stuff. The only drawback of this bag it’s not very spacious and doesn’t fit a lot of stuff. Still, it’s a great backpack, and I recommend it.

 Storage capacity: 

5.5 l, Weight: 0.9 kg, Width: 29.2 cm, Height: 45.7 cm, Depth: 14.0 cm.

The Targus Zip-Thru Air Traveler Backpack is designed to help clear airport security without removing your laptop from your case.

This backpack comes in handy for me since I travel a lot.


The Targus Zip-Thru Air Traveler Backpack has many pockets to store things in. This Personal Item backpack was perfect for you because it keeps all your stuff organized and together, making things easier when traveling.


This is a strong and durable personal item backpack. It’s been through many trips with me so far, and it still looks good as new.

This bag is highly recommend to anyone who travels because it makes your experience so much more convenient.

 Overall, I was extremely satisfied with this purchase, and I would buy Targus products again in the future.



  • TSA security checkpoint-friendly
  • Durable
  • Many pockets for organization




  • It is Not very spacious compared to other backpacks on the market


Personal Item Backpack FAQs 

What is the essential personal item?

Here are some things to examine when buying a personal item bag:

  • The lightweight, compact bag is small enough to meet airline personal item regulations 
  • The bag is durable enough to stand being shoved under dozens of airplane seats.
  • The main compartment has a waterproof lining and various pockets and compartments to keep things from wreaking havoc. Avoid bucket-style bags.
  • There are zippered compartments, phone pockets, and more inside and out.
  • Use a shoulder or cross-body bag to keep your hands free while traveling with a wheeled bag. Can’t decide? Try one of the backpacks or cross bodies on this page that convert to a backpack.  

Is there a minimum personal item bag size limit?

You must check the airline’s carry-on restrictions to fly with them.

There is a clear instruction what you can and cannot bring on your flight, as well as the size bags permitted, if there are any weight limits, and whether you’re allowed to transport certain items (such as umbrellas, baby gear, etc.) 

For example, United Airlines’ carry-on baggage restrictions state that the maximum personal item size is 9″ x 10″ x 17″.

We’ve been able to accept bags that are slightly larger than the prescribed dimensions as long as they’re somewhat underfilled and fit neatly beneath the seat in front of us.

Your mileage will vary, of course.

Double-check your itinerary if you’re flying to a city that’s not on your pre-approved list. You might be flying with more than one airline, especially if you’re going overseas.

What is the difference between a carry-on and a personal item?

Anything you bring onto the plane cabin with you is a carry-on, in general; however, your airline may let passengers check a smaller bag along with their larger carry-on bag.

If you’re traveling with a basic economy fare that allows just one personal item and no overhead bin space for another, larger bag, this might not apply.  

A laptop bag, small tote, or purse is a common example of this smaller item. It’s often referred to as a “personal item” because it’s typically a handbag, briefcase, laptop bag, tote, or similar.

A personal item is ideal for transporting items you want to keep with you during the flight.

Personal items are most typically kept in front of you, which necessitates that they are smaller than your usual carry-on.

Airlines have different limitations on the size of carry-on baggage that may be taken as a personal item.

It’s crucial to double-check each carrier’s carry-on restrictions before your trip, so you don’t get caught off guard.

Please keep in mind that airlines frequently allow passengers to bring on additional items (in addition to a carry-on and personal item) like jackets, reading material, airport purchases, and so on.

Is a personal item necessary if I’m bringing a bigger carry-on bag as well?

It is entirely dependent on your preference for traveling.

Some people pack a single larger carry-on bag and store it in the overhead compartment after removing everything they need for their flight (such as their phone, book, tablet, etc.).

There’s more room for your feet if you do it this way.

People who only bring carry-on luggage will need to bring a rolling bag and something small. They can’t put everything in one suitcase because there are limits on how much you can bring with you when you fly

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