Top Best tent with AC port

A simple but effective way to make the temperature and humidity inside a tent more comfortable is by hooking an AC unit up to it, or come with a tent with an AC Port.


Camping opens up a whole world of possibilities for experiencing your surroundings firsthand- without any modern comforts to distract from nature’s beauty. However, some places aren’t conducive to comfortable outdoor living with features that can cause discomfort or endanger one’s life during certain seasons (ex:hot weather, rainstorms).


Camping isn’t always about sleeping in a two-star hotel, but it isn’t about waking up without shelter. If you plan accordingly and use the right equipment, it will be easy to sleep comfortably even if your car is turned into an RV for one night.


If you are installing an air conditioning unit into your tent, opt for a dedicated venting model opt for a reliable venting model. This ensures the safety of your equipment and gives you peace of mind while camping in harsh weather conditions.

It’s time to find out what the best tent with an AC port.

How to rig a window ac unit in a tent?


If you are planning to purchase a tent with an AC port, rigging is super easy.


There are many different ways you can set up your window AC. One of the simplest and most effective methods is to place it on a sturdy box or milk crate with an open-top, so air will flow through easily.


However, suppose you want something more unique. In that case, we recommend this tent-style stand, which allows for optimal ventilation while serving as a stylish addition to any room’s decor.


Make the setup process much easier by opting for this platform. The individually adjustable legs ensure that your AC unit sits perfectly in place, and they can also be folded flat when you need to transport it elsewhere. When collapsed down, the platform is just 3 inches thick.


Make sure I’ve got my tent all sorted out with an excellent, sturdy base.


Air Cooled Camping Tents Buyer’s Guide


Before buying a tent, keep in mind the following:


  •  The climate you’ll be camping in (i.e., hot or cold weather)
  • How many people will use it, and how often they will use it
  • Your budget to both purchase and run an AC unit If you are looking into getting your air conditioning system that goes with your new tent, then here is what we recommend.


What to consider before Purchasing Camping Tents With AC Ports



Ease Of Set-Up


If you don’t enjoy pitching tents, getting a tent with an instant setup design is usually best. These types of tents come preattached and need to be unfolded and extended to complete the process, saving time when camping.




The primary purpose of a tent is to protect you from the wind and rain. However, some tents are better than others. If weather resistance is your number one priority, look for these features:


  • A full-coverage rainfly protects against harsher winds and rains
  • All mesh windows have zippered nylon panels that keep moisture out in the rain
  • The floor has bathtub style walls with seam-sealed zipper closures


Interior Space or Sleeping Capacity


Before you purchase a tent, think about who will be camping with you and how much gear they carry. If you are one or two people, then maybe getting the smallest possible tent would suffice.


However, suppose there are more than three of you, as well as lots of supplies to pack for your trip. In that case, I recommend buying an even larger option. Hence, everyone stays comfortable without feeling like they’re on top of each other during the entire vacation.


Room Dividers


These room dividers are perfect for families who camp together because it ensures everyone has their own space. These can also be great if you have older kids, so they don’t feel cramped with your younger children while camping.


How To Add AC To A Tent


When purchasing a tent with an AC port, there are two options to choose from. You may either use a camping air conditioner unit or not. A combination of the two will affect your purchase accordingly.


Window AC Unit


Like the one you might have in your home, a window AC unit is the best way to cool a tent during hot summer. It can be used only with tents that come with an air flap because of its design.


The main benefit of using this type of cooling system is that it has more power than other types and sizes, thus allowing for easier temperature control even when outdoors on warm days or nights. They are also affordable and easy to find, making them excellent options if you’re frequently camping throughout the year.


Portable Tent AC Unit


If you are looking for an air conditioner to use in your tent, then a portable one is the way to go. These units sit inside tents and can be directed into any corner that may need it most, so all areas get cooled down equally.


 However, they tend to cost more than window-based devices, which require installation outside before being plugged into an outlet within the tent.


This means if the price isn’t too much of a concern and convenience is what’s key, instead consider using these types because they’re easier on everyone’s hips while camping since no need to carry them around or setting anything up beforehand.


Let’s discuss one by one Best tent with AC port

1. Ozark Trail 12-person 3-room Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 16×16 instant cabin tent with AC port

Key features

  • suitable for up to 12 people
  • features two AC ports on either end of the tent
  • can fit up to three queen-sized air mattresses
  • fast and easy setup


If you’re a family of 12, this Ozark Trail tent might be the perfect fit for your camping trip. With three separate rooms and a dedicated AC port, it’s large enough to store belongings.


This Ozark trail tent has two AC unit ports, one at either end of the l shape. It’s perfect if you plan to camp for more extended periods or during warmer months, since it can keep people calm and fresh.


Both the AC ports are located near the bottom, meaning that you could mount your AC unit on a low table or box, and it would still reach.


Now you can stay connected to the outside world with your kids without worrying about the weather! The tent comes equipped with two AC ports and an electrical port. It’s great for those who want to enjoy camping even when there is electricity available nearby.


For ventilation, there are seven fully closable windows. These are perfect on colder nights when you might not need the full force of an AC unit but still want some extra air circulating your tent. The large size and quality make them very nice to have in a tent.


The tent has three queen-sized mattresses and enough room to move around. Each tent wall is decorated with storage pockets that can store essentials like your phone or wallet.


Beside its large size, the tent is super easy and stress-free to put up. You just have to unfold it where you need it, all of which takes about 15 minutes or less.


The manufacturer’s literature states that putting this massive 12-person tent together only takes two minutes. Still, in reality, their estimation was a little off as it does take more like 15 to 30 minutes total.


  • Three separate rooms for added privacy
  • Large windows and AC port for plenty of ventilation
  • The front awning allows for shaded outdoor relaxation


  • A combination of high center height and weak poles isn’t great for very windy conditions
  • Very heavy (61lbs/27.7kg)

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2. Wenzel Klondike 8-person tent

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Key features:


  • suitable for up to 8 people
  • One AC port is located in the main room at the back of the tent.
  • a large screened porch
  • can fit up to two queen-sized air mattresses


The Wenzel Klondike is a great tent for small families, couples who want lots of space, or solo campers. It has an extensive ventilation system that can accommodate a window ac unit and helps provide comfort in harsh weather conditions.


This tent comes with one main room and a screen/porch room. If desired, the screen room can be used as an additional sleeping area, making it more than adequate to sleep in! The tent’s two side panels and front panels are completely zipped up for extra protection against rain or wind.


If you want to have separate rooms, this tent is excellent for that. It has flooring in both the screen room and the central part of the tent, so it’s a comfortable space. The screen room doesn’t come with ceiling hooks, but still provides a nice entrance into your camping trip while protecting you from bugs.


The AC unit can easily be installed in the large vent located at the back of the tent.


The main room can fit up to two queen-size mattresses, while the porch will “just about” fit a queen mattress. It has storage pockets on the walls of both rooms and ceiling hooks in the main room for hanging lights.


This tent has no internal plugging-in access if you need to power electronic devices like laptops or phones. You will required to feed cables through a window or door instead of having them run underneath your sleeping bag with the rest of your gear.


The tent is not a pop-up one, and it takes some time to set up. It’s relatively simple but not as quick or easy as the others on this list.


Setting up the tent may take more than just a few minutes, making it different from other instant tents that can be easily popped open in less than two seconds without any hassles.


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3. Bushnell Shield instant cabin tent

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Key features:


  • It also available in 6, 9 or 12-person sizes
  • one AC port at the back of the tent


The Bushnell Shield is the perfect little tent for smaller families, solo campers, or couples. It’s durable and well constructed with an AC port, so you can sleep comfortably in all climates! This one-of-a-kind shelter provides solid sun protection, wind-resistant capabilities, making it great during long-lasting storms where you need to stay out of harm’s way.


To keep the air naturally cooler, it has heat shield technology that blocks UV rays. The darkness is improved with its reflective coating on the underside of the rainfly, which reflects light away from the tent during daytime.


Besides this feature, there are other features like an AC port for camping in stifling weather conditions and a zippered storage pocket to store valuables or gear while you’re traveling around town.


If you are looking for a tent to keep your stuff dry in the rain, this is not it. However, if what you’re after is an AC-friendly dome with enough mesh to let air through without letting bugs or mosquitoes inside and sturdy poles strong enough to withstand any wind gusts up above 10mph (without breaking), then look no further than our pick: Bushnell Shield instant cabin tent.


This high-quality tent is made with durable materials like water-repellent fabric, has a tub floor to keep the inside dry during rainstorms, and fully taped waterproof seams. The sturdy frame that can stand strong winds means it won’t budge in even gusts of wind.



  • Camping tent with AC flap for use with window AC units
  • Removable room dividers
  • The high center height allows you to stand upright
  • Heatshield technology creates a more relaxed interior temperature


  • Fairly expensive
  • Very heavy (59.9lbs/27.2 kg)

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4. CORE 10 Person Lighted Instant Tent

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Key Features:


  • Weather Resistance: 
  • AC Compatibility: 
  • Interior Space: 
  • Ease of Setup:


The CORE 10 Person Lighted Instant Tent is a versatile tent used for summer camping trips. It’s great because it has an electrical port which allows you to connect your phone, laptop or other device and use them without worrying about finding a power source in the woods.


This tent is roomy enough to house up to 10 persons, with separate rooms for privacy. It has storage pockets in different areas, so you can stay organized while camping.


A large porch allows extra space and keeps your equipment safe from the weather outside during storms or when it might rain too hard at night.


The 84 inches (2.1 m) center height of the tent is high enough for most people to stand and walk around comfortably, plus it has built-in LED lights, so you can still hang out at night. There are adjustable vents on either side of the tent for better airflow during hot days too.



  • Built-in LED lighting and E-Port for powering an AC unit
  • High center height for added comfort
  • Large interior with room dividers, plus a screen porch
  • Plenty of gear storage options


  • Lack of bathtub floor causes some weather-resistance concerns in heavy rain.

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5. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8

Best tent with ac port, top tent with ac port, best family tent with ac port, top best tent with ac port

Key Features:


  • Weather Resistance: 
  • AC Compatibility: 
  • Interior Space: 
  • Ease of Setup:


The Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 is an ideal tent for family weekend camping adventures. It has a dedicated E-Port so you can hook up your AC, which also doubles as a door when not in use.


The five shelves and hanger bar make it easy to pack your clothes, stay organized when you’re outside, or even store food if needed.


This tent comes with Coleman’s Fast Pitch system, which uses pre-attached and color-coded poles to speed up the setup process. Additionally, it has also a removable room divider through which you can create two separate rooms to increase privacy during your camping.


  • Built-in closet for clothing organization
  • Removable room divider
  • Quick and easy setup with preattached and color-coded poles
  • The hinged door makes it easy to access in the tent but may be bit  tricky to close tight


  • Some waterproofing may concern with large mesh windows and door
  • It can take a while to set up, especially the first time

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How to Keep Your Tent Cool?


For those who want to keep their tent cool while camping, there are a few options.


It can get hot and stuffy sleeping in your tent during the summer months, so knowing what you have at your disposal is essential.


Pitch Your Tent In The Shade. A tent in the shade will heat up much slower than one sitting in direct sunlight. So, choose to pitch your tent under trees whenever possible for shelter from the sun’s rays during camping trips.


Use a Camping Air Conditioner Unit.


The best way to stay cool when camping is with a portable air conditioner unit. This will help you keep your tent as cold and comfortable as if it were back home in the middle of summer, even at campgrounds that don’t have hookups for electricity.


Open Up All The Vents And Windows.


Airflow is important when sleeping in a tent. Open up all the vents and windows to make sure there’s airflow while you sleep.


Remove The Rainfly.


If you’re expecting a nice, breezy night to sleep through the rain without being too exposed to damp air and potential mosquitoes, consider removing your tent’s rainfly.


If it rains overnight, be sure that you have all the gear required to put up a shelter before going into a deep slumber.



Try A Camping Fan.


A small fan can be a helpful addition to your tent, whether it’s for camping or backyard use.


Many are battery-powered and portable too! Some fans can cool down large tents with ease.


Why We Need A Tent With An AC Port?

Remember to find an AC unit with the exact dimensions as your old one; otherwise, it might not fit in your DIY air conditioning port.


Can You DIY A Tent With An AC Port?


If you are not pleased with the different camping tent options available or if you already own a tent, then maybe you should consider making your DIY air conditioning flap.


 This is an option for those who are very confident in their sewing skills; however, it’s not necessarily recommended because without precision sewing skills, this could lead to leaks over time and unnecessary holes on the fabric of your tents.


If you choose to DIY an air conditioning port for your tent, be sure that the measurements are correct. Otherwise, it may damage your tent permanently and make it unusable.


Remember to find an AC unit with the exact dimensions as your old one; otherwise, it might not fit in your DIY air conditioning port.




If you had to choose just one of these tents, the winner would be clear. After reviewing all of these great tents, it stood among them as our favorite option.

The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin 12 is our favorite tent. It’s spacious, has an easy setup process, and comes with built-in AC ports for complete compatibility with the heat of summer campouts.

After all, there are many tent options to consider when thinking of camping. You must find the best one for your needs; thankfully, plenty exist in today’s market.

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